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I can't with some of the comments on the bullying articles

My guess is that the people commenting that the kid should "just leave his lunchbox at home" or that it's teaching him a life lesson were not bullied when they were kids. I was bullied for everything. For things that I could "leave at home" like the way I dressed, the music I liked, and the sci fi books and comic books I was reading to things I could not "leave at home" like they way I looked, my name, and glasses. And the few attempts I made to try and to blend in a little more, I was tortured for that as well. The only lessons I learned is that people are awful and how to be self loathing. Do people really think that bullies will just say "Well done!" once you shed whatever they are bullying you for and leave you alone? They will just find something else. What the fuck?!


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