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I can't with this casting call

Someone's making a comedy series about a white woman's "struggles to make it as a white-female rap artist in a black, male dominated world and re-connect with her freaked-out son."

The only reason I'm not hating harder is because it's an indie, but someone gave this a budget. If it actually gets picked up for major distribution I'm going to burst something.


Here's the summary:

Suburban housewife Mandy has finally cracked. Her husband's banging Mandy's 24-year-old life coach, her teenage son Jake is mortified by her very existence, and to top it off, her Granny Peg seems to be running a commune in Brooklyn. She's been sideswiped after head banging her fury out to rap, and now she's having a meltdown on the side of the highway. Needles to say, the two black guys who swiped her car are impressed with her spitting. ("I've never seen a white woman have a nervous breakdown to an N.W.A. track".) But Mandy's not just any white woman. She's a well-educated, mostly polite ex-cheerleader who's learning to express her rage through rap.

Just. Stahp. Please.

I've listened to the actress (and I'm assuming creator, as this series stars her and is based on her life), and I think she's deep. She's a lyricist for sure, but spoken word poetry is not the same thing as rap and writing a whole series about being a white woman in a "black, male-dominated world" is not brave or funny or empowering. It's annoying. It's appropriative. It's full of privilege. And it's making my eyes roll out of my head.

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