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Oh, sorry, context? I have two gallstones that apparently are trying to chew their way out my side with teeny, tiny teeth. But because I am not vomiting uncontrollably or having a high fever, I can't get in for a surgery consult till Monday. So now I am on short term disability, have spent the last four days in bed, either knocked out with drugs or in pain, and not really wanting to eat. I did manage to eat an entire Jello cup today, thank the gods, and got my paperwork started so I can't be fired for not working. But ugh this sucks. Sitting or standing upright for more than a little bit causes pain. But that's not enough to get me in sooner?? Also serious pain meds. Serious. Like I am having some amazingly convoluted dreams with very detailed plots. That's kind of cool, cause I have not been able to deal with watching a show or surfing the net much. Today is the first day all week I haven't felt like total death. More like 75% today. Yay? Ugh. So if I say something weird to you, it is most likely the opiates. Now to catch up on the latest Duggar scandal.


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