Some of you may remember that I've posted about The Grocery Fairy before. (I'd link, but, phone + Kinja = no cooperation.) For a quick recap: every now and then, I'd find a box of canned and dry goods on my porch. I had no idea who it was coming from, but figured it for one of my neighbours, because we all do stuff like that for each other.

When I came home from the hospital back in October, there were 2 legs of lamb in my freezer, which narrowed the pool to a handful of friends and neighbours who have keys or know us well enough to be let in by my kids. Everyone denied it, though, and I didn't know who it was, but I was very appreciative of their kindness.

Today, I opened the door just as my neighbour, S., was walking up to the door with a big box full of stuff. Turns out, his wife, A., is super, super picky, and doesn't like/can't eat a lot of what they get from the food pantry they visit. A. and I babysit and petsit for each other on occasion, and so she just started sending S. over here with boxes full of what they won't use.

Everything in that picture is gluten free and dairy free. Mashed potato flakes, pinto beans, peanut butter, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, tuna, pork and beans, syrup, and lemon pie filling! There was also a handful of canned soups, a big package of spaghetti, and a big bag full of frozen, unidentifiable meat scraps. I'm not entirely sure about that yet, but I'm going to thaw it out and see what's what.

I thanked him and he just brushed it off like it was nothing. He said her sisters didn't want it either, and they know how boys can eat! I share what I can't use with other neighbours, and so they figured it'd get used one way or the other.


So, here is my thank you to the Grocery Fairy!