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My soon-to-be-ex-husband has invited me to join himself, his fiance, our 15 year old daughter, our 15 year old daughter's boyfriend and new boyfriend's parents for dinner.

Daughter is not in favor of the dinner and does not want it to happen, I might add. She's mortified by having to sit with her (new, first) boyfriend's parents and her own almost divorced parents (and soon to be stepmom) in the company of her new boyfriend. He's her first boyfriend! They just got together like six weeks ago! I'm mortified on my daughter's behalf.

My ex has been aggressively pushing this idea for a few weeks already. Boyfriend's parents, whom I happen to know, are the nice kind of people that will go along with a weird idea and not have the social skills to wriggle out of it. I'm not sure I have the social skills to wriggle out of it.

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