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I Changed my Twitter Handle

and I feel really weird. (warning: inanity) I haven't tweeted since I changed it, but I feel like now I have to change my persona. Or like no one will recognize me. Which could be a good thing. My new handle is closer to my real name, but still a stretch. It's like a clue. It's like that clue Ron gave Harry in Goblet of Firewhen they were fighting but Ron was still being helpful:

Like, if you think about it hard enough, and you know me, you could figure out my real name. I kind of like it.


Of my 57 twitter followers, only one of them actually knows me in person. I'm not sure if she knows she knows me, but she does. I like the anonymity that I have there, so I can fangirl with abandon, and give feedback, usually positive, to those whose work I admire. I can encourage and criticize, and for some reason, people follow my inane comments.

I feel really weird about changing my handle, like I suddenly have to be someone else. It's just a name, I know, and it's one I like, but it still feels strange. Has anyone else changed a handle? Even on here, I've noticed people adjusting their names. I like my Gawker handle, and don't plan to change it unless I start getting harassed, which is something I look to avoid anyways. Was there an actual reason you changed? Or was it a whim? Was it like changing your hair color: something you felt like doing to refresh your look? How long did it take to get used to?

I think I changed it because of the #EsuranceSave30 thing. Like, suddenly I'd be outed if I won. #panic!!! I'll probably change it back next week.


*also, I don't know why you'd want to mainpage this, but please don't. Just in case. Don't mainpage.

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