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You know how “social justice warrior” has both a literal and ironic meaning? It can be used proudly by some as a marker of their awareness of privilege and oppression, but others can use it to connote argumentative individuals who use “liberal” buzzwords to shut down discussion.


I wanted to come up with a term that describes those people who are overzealous in their attempts to demonstrate they are an ally/they are woke. Those people who seem to show up in feminist spaces or those designated for POC to trot out their knowledge for head pats. Those people who attempt to fight the good fight on behalf of others who didn’t ask for their help and certainly don’t need anyone to speak for them. You know the type, right? I can’t be alone in feeling my body clench when I stumble onto someone performing social justice.

So, I came up with a term: Social Justice Casualties.

I would happily adopt a better term if you have one. I am partial to a portmanteau if that helps.

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