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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I come back to GT briefly, to bring you...

Possibly the best comment on the Observer article, or at least the most deserving of a GT mocking session. Have at it, lovelies, and I wish you good evening.

We are all sexist in the sense that we are conditioned and formed as viewed in an enactivist understanding of culture. Thus, rejecting Kant's metaphysical our culture constructs our reality not our individual mind. That said, what maters is how we confront our own sexism. I view Tirado's fat as described and in the same way i would view Boris Johnson's. Women historically have been venerated for their fat, such as the Venus of Wilendorf or Anna Nicole Smith, or their thinness and you are correct that fetishizing the female form through an oppressive male gaze is a form of domination and control. That said, I have passed through confronting my own vestigal and cultural sexism and still believe Tirado to be fat on her own terms. So your recent comment where you argue "he way women's appearances are scrutinized and the images which vouchsafe them supposed acceptability ARE routed in sexism. That is my considered opinion and I raised it as a point for discussion and not a knee-jerk accusation" are raising the discussion a notch but the fighting spirit bit seems to elude you as it is form of politeness which, though it suffers from annotated comment, acknowledges the vigor of your argument with out conceding its substantive basis. Thus, we mat respectfully disagree. Other than that I am a curmudgeon.


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