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But he’s a damn good partner a lot of the time.

We went hunting for a house Monday and the landlord approved our application on the house we really wanted. The price is a little higher than we wanted, but the house is so big and so pretty and perfect for what we need. It’s a two bedroom, wood floors, two and a half bath (one of which is purple), dishwasher, full finished basement, garage, washer and dryer, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. The price would make some of you in bigger cities weep, because it’s wonderful for the kind of space we’re getting.

Anyway, so why is baby daddy so cool? He knows I can’t pay really anything. Because I don’t dance I really only have enough to pay for my bills and a little extra. I started freaking out about the price and he says “oh, I’ve got enough for two months rent and deposit in my bank account right now and I’m going on a long distance this weekend. We’ll be fine.” Why is this cool you ask? I’ve never been with an adult before. My ex was terrible with money and put me into debt I’m still paying off. I trust BD when he says he’s got this covered because he is actually super fucking responsible.


He’s told me several times when I’ve complained about work starting to hurt too badly that I can quit, I just need to tell him how much money I need so he can figure out what kind of jobs (he’s a mover, he gets to pick the length and distance of jobs which can mean more or less money) to take. I’m not taking him up on it, but I appreciate that he would do that for me.

He was being an ass about me going back into dancing, but we had a good long talk and made an agreement we can both live with. I understand why he doesn’t like my line of work, and I realize that it can be hard to be with a dancer. I explained to him that I want to go back to school, but I don’t want to work full time and go back to school because I don’t really want to leave my kid with my mom 60+ hours a week. I love my mother to death now, but I have very few memories of her when I was a kid because she was always gone, and when she was home they weren’t good memories. I don’t want that for my kid, and he actually agreed. He said that while he doesn’t like dancing, he would support me if I was going to school. He also asked if since I was doing this, if I would be willing to support him after I graduate and get a job so he can find a trade (he really wants to be a carpenter) that he wants to do. And that’s fine, I can make that kind of compromise.

I’m sorry I’m beeing gushy, GT. I’ve just never been with an adult before (despite my tendency for much older men).

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