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Welcome To The Bitchery

I could have written a powerful indictment on gender and aging

I could have written something where we discuss the demands of womenhood, where aging and experience does not confer any power advantages the way that they do for men. It keeps women from advancing forward, from becoming experts, from teaching other, from taking political power, from being respected and taking our place in positions of leadership. I could have written about the ways that women are considered ugly and worthless especially once they are past what is called our child-bearing years. Don't you know? Evolutionary psychology tells us so. Once we can't bear children, there is no reason to love us. I could have written something where I explored why for many women, the pursuit of youth is considered the only worthwhile endeavor because there are no other paths around growing older other than sexless oblivion. I could tell you that the obsession with youth is another way that women are taught to hate themselves to fuel capitalism and the patriarchy. I could tell you about a million little ways that people equivocate aging with ugliness without even considering it a prejudice.

I could do all that but instead, I'm just going to make a mocking video of women with Botox and tell them they look crazy.


I mean, why question any of the choices that women make?

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