So, while cleaning up after a day of general slobbishness, I happened upon a bag of sweet potato chips that I had forgotten on the ground, and knew there were some crumbs I could partake in for a nightime snack. Turns out, ants have taken over the main rug and no food is safe for even a moment.

I probably ate a few ants before I made that discovery.

After spitting out whatever chip/ant carcass combo was left in my mouth, I think I've finally learned my lesson: don't leave things on the ground for any period of time, and destroy.all.ants.


The war between me and my tiny six-legged foes begins tomorrow.I am, however, only armed with borax acid and a vacuum cleaner at the moment. I've started the process of a siege and have thrown away every single crumb I see.If I can't kill them all, I'll starve them.

To be honest for a moment, I'm a bit embarrassed that things have gotten so bad.For me, ant swarms are the ultimate sign that I really need to clean shit up, and I've been slacking in that arena for the past few days. I really hope I can take care of this quickly so that I can relax without worrying if ants are crawling on me.

Anyway, any advice on how to win this battle would be greatly appreciated.