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Because the whole thing was a mess, and I'm sorry you all had to witness it.

For those who asked, the point was that I was wanted to share NYCyclist's piece as well as KillerMartinis' on my end to promote a discourse in my neck of the woods. I'm not sure if anyone in my life has seen any of it, and I feel that KM's post was a great step for many people to actually start discussing poverty in a real way. However, clearly KM has received a lot of backlash, including from the very site that promoted her, so I wanted to provide NYCyclist's piece so anyone who read KM's could see how the events unfolded in real time.

That was it, really. I'm going to share NYCyclist's piece, and while I'd like to say if you want to keep your contribution to it hidden, I'm not sure that's possible as I was just going to link to it. So before I do anything, anyone who feels off about this should probably speak to NYCyclist and see what can be done. It's her piece - I just want to spread it.


With that said, I'm sorry for a few things I said that weren't thought out very well. I suppose posts written at 4 am aren't that well thought out, and I kind of just word vomited. But...I'm not sorry for saying my real name. That part was thought through, and I don't regret it.

Have a good day, guys.

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