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I Deleted The Creepy Voicemail Post

Not for complex conspiracy reasons. It was more simple.

First I confess I felt good seeing the hits go higher and higher. It reached 21,100 odd hits in less then a week which was the number I deleted it.

Yet it was unfair to others since it dominated the Popular column for most of if not 90 percent of the time.


Yet with the numbers skyrocketing I was hoping for an injection of new people who could contribute positively. Sadly I have seen no spikes in greys nor of hits for other posts of mine or others. It seemed folks read it from outside and that was it.

Yet a part of me wonders “how high would it have gone by April 18" but that would be unfair to others since it would dominate the Popular column.

I figure every one here at GT and Observation Deck has had many chances already to read it. I am positive no regular will say “what post how did I miss it”. It was impossible to miss.

I assume others in my shoes you’da have done the same. I can’t figure out how to work the Chicago musical lyric here.

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