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Welcome To The Bitchery

I Despise Nay Loathe "ors" (not emergency rooms)

I was unsure about the spelling of calculator. Yes I was 90 percent sure it ended with an “or” but had to be sure.

One who calculates is a calculator.

One who writes is a writer.

One.who dictates is a dictator.

One who sails is a sailor.

One who swims is a swimmer.

As far as I can tell there is zero rule about this. None.I do not know the history of why some words use or and others er. It makes zero sense.


I just know if anything about our language trips me up more for spelling its this “is it or or er”.

Yes I ranted about this years ago but it still vexes me. I would call myself a vexer in this context but it means a sexual act (google it) so I cannot use it. Our language is stupid.


Would the Ruler of English allow me to make one change and say “when one performs an action or the action decribes who they are it always ends with er”.

Fixed it.

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