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I despise Windows 10

You guys, I am ready to commit murder. I really am. I got a new computer about a month ago, and the OS is Windows 10. I hate it. I really, really, fucking hate it. I want to destroy my computer every time I turn it on. I just don’t get what’s wrong with this fucking thing. Why is there no desktop like previous versions? Why does everything have to look like a goddamn tablet? If I wanted a tablet I would buy a damn tablet. It’s infuriating. I don’t want apps! I want icons that open things I use!

Here’s what’s going on, and I pray one of you beautiful people can tell me what the fuck I’m doing wrong. Otherwise I may be on the news soon...

Every time I turn on my computer I have to disconnect from my wi-fi and reconnect. Every single time. WTF???


I use my computer for two things: internet browsing, and playing a dumb game. When I turn on the computer and it goes to the default screen (I refuse to call it the desktop - it’s more a list of apps), when I click on the icon for the game I want to play nothing happens. Nothing. Occassionally it’ll open the game, but more often than not I have to restart the computer and try again. I just spent twenty minutes (not an exaggeration) trying to open the damn game, and I was not successful. I don’t get it. I just want to play my mindless game and relax. This is the opposite of relaxing. I’m furious.

It does the same thing with the internet browser. Why can’t I just click on the Chrome icon and open the interwebs? Why?? I have to click it a million times, and then open the “app list” and click it there, and then sometimes it doesn’t work there, and I click it on the start ribbon, and then it’ll work. Never the same sequence twice. It’s maddening!


You guys, what am I doing wrong???? I can’t take much more of this...

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