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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I replaced the ceiling light fixture in my hallway! Okay, so it took me about 2 hours to do because I was nervous even after I turned off the mains power to the entire flat and checked everything with a voltage detector. And then it took me another hour after I'd finished to turn the power back on because I was convinced that I would blow up my entire building. And it's not the most exciting lighting fixture - though it's way better than the early 90s plastic monstrosity that was there before. And it's not quite flush because the ceiling's wonky and the wiring is kind of pushing down on one side. And I still need to remove the wall plug/screw anchor from the previous fitting and patch the spot.


BUT BUT BUT I'm super proud! I looked at YouTube videos and read my Collins DIY manual and I did the work completely by myself. It's actually pretty easy, but I'm always so nervous about messing up that I tend to put off doing DIY stuff. But this makes me feel like a self-reliant superhero! Now for the rest of this week my plans include replacing the other lighting fixture in the hallway (exactly the same deal) and installing a dimmer switch. Oh, and sewing my superhero costume.

Anybody else having some Sunday success?

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