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I did a thing!

I don’t really know who to tell, since this is kind of a weird thing to want to do, but I just auditioned as a recapper for a website I really like! One of the websites I follow for funny TV recaps is holding their annual audition rounds for their writing team. I write as a primary function of my real job, but it would be nice to pursue some writing for fun around other people who share similar interests. I have no idea if I’m funny enough for them. Since my English isn’t quite as colloquial as a non-bilingual person’s, I am probably too wordy for this. If anyone’s interested in reading, I’ve posted it to my personal Tumblr. Fair warning, though, it is long and the tone is pretty snarky compared to most of the things I write around here. Just wanted to tell someone, and I can’t really tell most people in real life. Wish me luck!


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