So either my meds must have kicked in last night or my hypomania, because I am getting all the shit done right now and I'm about to spend some money (I hate spending money).

I walked the dog, I went to the library, I wrote some good stuff for my script (!!!), I cleaned my room and did laundry, and right now I'm eating the most delicious spinach and artichoke pizza before I go out alone blues dancing. I haven't gone dancing in ages and I miss it so much, but it involves being intimate with strangers so it scares me. But my body is getting stiff and I think I'm gaining some weight again, so I want to go get exercise. It's gonna be an expensive weekend, but sometimes self-care ain't cheap.

Anyway, just wanted to send you an update in the slight case you were worried. Thank you for all your kind words the other day, GT. You all are the best!