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I did it!

I told off the annoying undergrads who had been whispering in the designated quiet space for like the last half hour! Usually I just get angrier and angrier and let it all build up inside, but I said something! I'm really proud of myself.

I just told them that there was a group study room two doors over and that this was a quiet space. And gave them some bitchface, but not too much.


Seriously, my hands are still shaking as I'm typing. This is so out of character, but it feels so good!

Backstory: the room we are in is designated quiet space for the graduate students of my department. Unless they are using the reference materials, undergrads and non-department members are not even supposed to be in here. But it's exams time and there's limited study space, so I really don't mind if they're in here as long as they're quiet.

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