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I did it

I got rid of Great White Buffalo. He started being really attentive the other day, asking me about the club and how my life was going....then once I asked him to tell me about his life and how his research was going...he disappeared.

He texted me the next day that he had been hanging out with with chick I know he has a thing with who has two kids and he said that her kids were being a handful and that's why he didn't respond. Then he mentioned that he was hungover. Sure buddy, I'm sure her kids were being a handful if you were able to get drunk enough to be hungover and not respond to me until 4 in the afternoon the next day.

I defriended and blocked him on facebook and also blocked his phone number. There is literally no longer a way that he can get a hold of me. It's for the best, I literally can not function like a normal human being when he's around. I've let him back into my life so many times now, and at first he's always been all about those sweet nothings "I love you and I always have" and then he just slowly starts disappearing. He finds someone else every time. I've dealt with this from him so many times now, and I just can't anymore. It gets harder every time. I feel so much less used by the guys who pay me for lap dances and stuff dollars in my g-string than I do by him.


I wish I could've talked to him one last time to tell him why I was leaving and why I was removing him from my life, but I knew if I did that, that he would say something to draw me back in and that I would lose my nerve.

Happy gifs maybe?

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