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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don’t know how many people on here are familiar with some of my hostess stories from my crazy time at the bar.

But I finally put in my two weeks and quit that bitch.


Well it’d been a long time coming, but on a Saturday brunch shift is when I hit my limit.

There was a family waiting for a table and they had a couple with them, very bro-y people. So the gentleman in the relationship is without his ID when he came out this saturday for a day-drink... and rather than go back and get it or just drink a diet coke like an adult. He gets his wife to buy him drinks.

Now I’m sure people are like “Well what’s the big deal?”

Well in this here state it’s a huge deal a 2500 dollar ticket (for the bar and then a possible fine for me), fireable offense, I can’t serve alcohol again big deal.

The bartender sees them and they scamper off to hide behind the host stand, so the bartender tells me.. and the couple over hear it and start screaming for the bartender to get a life and be better at his job. “I’m 47 years old!” Clearly sir, you’re a child but we’ll cross that bridge later...

So I tell the bartender “Just go back behind the bar so he’ll stop yelling. I’ll talk to them and get a manager.”

And I talk to the guest and say “Hey, I’m sorry and it’s not us it’s the state law. So I need you guys to just pay your tab and go ahead and head out. I can’t seat you if you’re buying alcohol without an ID and berating the staff.”

The wife/girlfriend/lifepartner starts getting shrill... and I look at her and try to clam her down but she’s wearing coloured contact lenses so I already know she’s not a rational person.

I get the manager... the GM (read: douche) ... I tell the GM what’s happening, he talks to the guest. The guest admits he doesn’t have his ID and he had drinks bought for him. The GM tells me to seat them, and then at the end of my shift rights me up...

The reason he typed onto the form “Refusal to seat guest who were yelling.”

I had to not laugh. I pushed the form away and just said calmly, after he read it to me “I’m not signing that. We will have to have a discussion with HR before I sign that.”


He paused, and the manager sitting in as his witness (btw now that we have HR this is not how this is supposed to go but it’s fine we’ll cross that bridge later too)...

He produced another write up then, for something that happened two weeks ago. I’ve seen him in these two weeks, but he never got around to pulling me aside until now. Now he wants to double down... I believe in our employee manual we have a three write up you’re out policy. So I saw what his move was that Saturday.

I sighed, we went over the other one... I admitted “fault” in that situation. (Guest left the building to play video games next door, called to see if the table was ready, I said “No, not yet it’s only been about 10 minutes, you’ve got about an hour.) He informed me I wasn’t helpful and then told me a story about how an unhelpful and rude staff cost them a 10k deposit for a wedding once and informed me how I could be fired. That was emphasized throughout our meeting... me being terminated. He always said it with a smirk.

So I went to my car to cool off because I was already tired of this place. Tired of the guest, tired of the mood swings of the staff and the un-supportive management. Tired of being attacked by drunk patrons because we don’t cut people off we just give them water and try to persuade them to buy food and then start serving them again later.

I typed out my resignation in my car with my eyes full of tears from frustration and sadness that they few people I liked would be gone because this place is a clique. Sent it to HR and my direct manager, waited a few hours and then forwarded it to the GM. That was that.

It felt scary to be out but then also relieved.

But the funniest thing? When I went in to pick up my final check the other day he was so nice “How ARE you? How is everything?”


Girl shut up and give me my money.

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