My god that was the most awkward thing ever.

He had texted me to confirm for tomorrow, so first I tried to call the receptionist and she didn't pick up so I was like UGH I have to call his personal number. So I called it and told him I have to cancel and I don't think I'll be coming back. And he kept asking me why!!! So I made up some shit (I got nervous) about how I just have all these doctor appointments right now and it's too much and the doctors keep calling me in last minute so I don't want to make appointments with him and then have to cancel (that actually is somewhat true, the doctors do keep calling me in relatively last minute for certain things). And then he was like "oh it's ok you can be honest, we're dealing with heavy stuff it's ok if you're scared to come back."

YES I'M SCARED BECAUSE YOU'RE INSANE. And I don't want to end up MORE insane than I already am.

But no, I just told him no no, I just don't have time. He sounded all disappointed and stuff and now I feel bad! Blehh.

Whatever at least it's over, lol.