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I did it. I did it.

I formally gave my first name to the woman who works at Goodwill. Here was the exchange. I may have blown it.

Me: Hi. We have been saying hi to each other for close to a year. My name is ..... .

She leaned her head sideways. Smiled and said "Hi. My name is .... Good to see you".


Me: stammering "I just thought I would give you my name, (her name).

Then we both walked away.

90 minutes later we were back at Goodwill. I said "hi (her name)". She smiled and said "hiiii". A long hi, we were passing each other in the aisle.

I also said hi to another woman there who I have not seen in a while. I simply said "hi I have not see you in a while". She said "hi nice seeing you, I have been working out back a lot". That was it.

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