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I did it! I found my Foundation holy grail!

I'll admit it. I'm pretty lucky when it comes to my skin. It's perfectly normal; not plagued by oiliness, dryness or redness. However, my skin is a tad uneven. There is a small constellation of sunspots on my left cheek. My main skin probz consist of little things like that.

I have been on a foundation quest that has taken me from drugstores to fancy schmancy department stores. As a brown skinned girl, this quest has been difficult. I'm nearly always an in between shade. I wind up looking too ashy, or too orange. And I have this ridiculous expectation for my dream foundation: It must subtly transform my skin, but leave no hint or trace that my face is indeed spackled with stuff. I don't like looking like I'm wearing makeup. I just want my skin to look purty and even, and like SKIN.

Who knew my quest would come to an end once I entered Kohl's yesterday? Groupthinkers, meet my new best beauty friend: American Beauty Perfectly Even Natural Finish foundation.


My lovely artist sister—whose eye for light and color I trust implicitly, and who possesses an avowed suspicion of makeup— couldn't even tell I was wearing it! Normally, with all the others I've tried—and inevitably returned— she purses her lips and says, "It looks like you're wearing makeup."

So, this doesn't make my skin dewy or shiny, but it does make my skin look bright, and like my skin just naturally glows. It looks completely even. When applied with my awesome $3 elf flat top powder brush: Perfect result! No dreaded cake face, or tide lines, or weird orangey color. And it's literally half the cost of the Lancome one I was dithering about getting. This is $18.50.

​ I seriously blame Groupthink for the fit of makeup madness that randomly descended on me in the last 3 months. I read some makeup posts on here and was intrigued. I went from being perfectly indifferent and clueless to an obsessed novice in a matter of mere weeks. Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to share my happiness :)

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