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I did it! I got a tattoo!

Thanks for everyone's help and advice!!

I finally got my tattoo about two weeks ago, but I've had a crazy couple of weeks and didn't have time to post it, so better late than never!

My artist was incredible, I am so grateful to her. The colors are just incredible and it's absolutely everything I wanted! This picture is from right afterward so you can't quite see all the detail but it's there and it's amazing.


Sorry the picture is huge I have no idea how to work this at all.

Anyway, the quote that inspired it is by EB White. He was asked to write about being married to a graduate of Bryn Mawr College (my alma mater), and said the following:

"I have known many graduates of Bryn Mawr. They are all of the same mold. They have all accepted the same bright challenge: something is lost that has not been found, something's at stake that has not been won, something is started that has not been finished, something is dimly felt that has not been fully realized. They carry the distinguishing mark – the mark that separates them from other educated and superior women: the incredible vigor, the subtlety of mind, the warmth of spirit, the aspiration, the fidelity to past and to present. As they grow in years, they grow in light. As their minds and hearts expand, their deeds become more formidable, their connections more significant, their husbands more startled and delighted. I once held a live hummingbird in my hand. I once married a Bryn Mawr girl. To a large extent they are twin experiences. Sometimes I feel as though I were a diver who had ventured a little beyond the limits of safe travel under the sea and had entered the strange zone where one is said to enjoy the rapture of the deep."

The full essay is longer than that, but that's the important part for me. It rings so true for me that it seemed like a perfect way to start my last semester at college, and the most beautiful reminder of what the essential part of my school was for me, and what I want to take with me into the Real Adult World.

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