Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I did IT!!!!! Plus a donut

Well my worst nightmare came true my mother got me the Norelco rotary razor. After that I went to the grocery store went to their cafetaria, I did not feel like pizza, so I got a chocolate glazed donut with coconut on top. It was really good. I also got a small plastic bottle of Oakhurst Chocolate 1% Milk.

Anyways I got home and plugged in the razor. I let it charge thinking it will tear my face off even though you nice folks said it would not, my daymares said different. After 30 minutes I unplugged it. I spent two minutes finding the on button. It was a wee little button. I turned it on a put it against my cheek thinking a) do not rip my face and b) when fainting do not hit head against the toilet or tub. Then I thought ok survived the cheeks, now under the chin ouch pinches but ok, then the chin oh pinch but livable. Its been three days since I shaved so that may explain the pinching. It did not pinch after. It was nothing. All these decades seeing these as torture devices. Then a song, not my fav Manilow song popped in my head but I like it. Here it is, I believe video is from the 70s so I am getting closer to 2014.


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