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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Did It (plus drama)

I totally shaved my head.

This is where I should post a picture in all my glory...but I don’t want to dox myself (any more than I probably have over the years). Next time someone starts a shameless selfies thread that will go POOF after 24 hours, I’ll contribute.


Thanks to everyone who pitched in on my original thread. I’m kind of in love, even if it’s still weird to look at my reflection.

Some drama to the hair shaving: I wanted to do it Christmas day. I knew my mom would be getting clippers for the dog, and I had this grand vision of being like “let’s break them in...ON ME!” Now, I knew this was overstepping, because I knew my mom would HATE the idea of me shaving my head. HATE. IT. I held no other idea other than she would be wholly against the idea. However, I was not expecting the whole conversation/argument to devolve into her basically saying that I would look like an unprofessional fat lesbian that she and her friends would make fun of if I shaved my head.



She loves me, and I know she has her own shit that deals with and says everything out of concern, but that was not the direction I was expecting the conversation to go. I let things go to get through the rest of my time at home, but once I left, the more things hurt, and I told her so after a few days of silence.


So now we’re in a weird place. It’ll pass, given time. I’m just more direct in my communication, and she doesn’t always hear what I’m saying, even when she listens. It’s a process. It’s weird being an adult and redefining my relationship with my mother as an adult.

So...suffice it to say, shaving my hair two days later was fueled by just a pinch (or handful) of spite. And I’m still glad I did it.

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