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I Did Not Ask for a Side Order of Sexism

So, since our fridge is now loaded with food for TG, which has been postponed until Saturday on account of the snow, I have nothing to eat in this snowstorm. So, not feeling like speaking to anyone, I headed over to GrubHub, which was not loading properly, even after clearing my cache multiple times. Based on their twitter feed, I'm not the only one having that problem tonight. Their response has been largely "we're not having any problems on our end," the classic response of web companies who haven't looked too hard yet.

So, I tweeted them about it. They apologized, said they're looking into it. I sent them a couple of details about the nature of the issue, which will help their team figure out what's up.

Enter the douchebag. He tweets me that I should clear my cache because that worked for him.


*rolls eyes* I tried to be polite, tweeting back: I already tried that, but thanks.

He then sends me explicit instructions on how to clear my cache. Stupid ass.

I tweeted back: When I said I already tried that, why did you assume that I didn't know how to do exactly that?

Blocking sexist dicks. It feels soooo good.

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