Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I Did Not Need A Mouse In the House Tonight

It's midnight and I'm awake and reading and then I hear growling from one of the cats. What?

So I get up and all three of them are looking all determined and then.. the mouse goes running from underneath my desk into the bathroom and they all go running. The super fast girl cat is usually the best hunter, but she's bailed on this one.


The fat lazy bastard has the mouse and is walking around with him, growling. I finally get him to drop the mouse, I capture the mouse underneath a flower vase, shove an old Valentine's Day card from an ex (with a cat on it randomly) and take the mouse three flights down and release him in the backyard.

I schlep back upstairs and realize — the backyard is completely walled off by brick walls on all three sides. The mouse will probably end up back in the house. And it will start all over again.

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