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I did something bad

So I've described my awful coworker before. We're in a small 7 person office and we just got into a thermostat fight. So in this building they blast the heat in winter and then there are blowers for cool air that you turn on if you need them.

So she left the office to make some phone calls whatever. Comes back and jacks up the blower, after about 15 minutes I'm freezing. I get up to turn down the blowers, and she complains "I just turned it up it's so warm in here". So I take a poll, with the other two girls left in the office who agree the blowers are up way too high.

Now she won't stop complaining how stuffy it is (it isn't). It's so warm, she can barely keep her eyes open, blah blah blah. Now in a previous post I pointed out I'm toughing out dealing with her because I like the office and she's 70 so hopefully she'll be retiring soon. Now here's where I'm a bitch.


I said "Well for those of us who still have hormones, it's god-damned freezing."

I'm an awful, awful person. I'm not even sure what that was supposed to mean, I guess it was a post-menopause ageist remark? I'm just stupid and mean? I have no idea. The thing that annoys me is I stooped to her level. I've heard this woman say fat-shaming shit, she did a fucking racist accent when we ordered Chinese food, she constantly complains about "young people".

I stooped to ageism, not to mention how someone who is transitioning or has a medical condition might think. I did a bad thing, and I needed to confess. This woman annoys me to no end but I am shamed for how I reacted.

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