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I did something stupid last night

I was driving with my boyfriend to go to a restaurant, and when pulling into a parking spot, I accidently scratched the person next to me's car so that the paint rubbed off and it left a black mark. Now, I had no idea I did this because I didn't hear or feel anything. But I must have done it because I had a feeling that I was too close to the car when I started turning into the spot. Anyway, once I got out of the car, this asshole guy (not the car owner) stopped me immediately and was like, "Are you going to do something about that?" I was confused because at that point, I had no idea I had scratched the car. The guy was really mean and rude to me, and he was like, "I'm a former trooper, and you should leave a note. We have five witnesses out here, blah blah blah." What he said wasn't wrong, but his tone was just really accusatory and hostile. I was in a state of shock because this guy was jumping on me, and of course I was going to leave a note. I wasn't trying to get away, I honestly didn't know it happened. So my boyfriend got me a piece of paper and pen, and I wrote a note with my information on it and left it on the car.

But I ended up staying in the car and crying for a good 20 minutes. I couldn't calm down. I've never gotten a ticket, gotten into an accident, or done anything like this. It's my mom's car under my parents' insurance. And I just felt sick to my stomach because I didn't know what to expect. And that guy who witnessed it was so unnecessarily mean to me.

Right when I was finally ready to leave (we never event went to the restaurant. I felt too sick to go in), the guy whose car I scuffed came out of the restaurant to leave to go home. My boyfriend and I talked to him, and he was pretty understanding and nice about it. He took pictures of the spot, my insurance, and my license. But I was still in a state of shock and crying (I'm a big baby, I'm sorry), so I didn't even think to really get his info or take pictures of the scratch on his car.


The guy asked me for my age (I'm 22), and then he said that this happens and it will happen again in the future and in the end, it's just a car. He was nice about it, but again, I don't even know what to expect. Especially for costs. Like ugh, I'm imagining that this will cost a couple hundred, and I just don't have that money. I'm under my parents' insurance and will pay for my mistake, but I don't know how this works.

And then I had to call my dad, and he took it well, but he got angry at me for not taking pictures or taking the guy's info. The guy had told us his name, but I don't remember it. Hopefully my boyfriend remembers it. And then my dad was all, "He could say you totaled his car, blah blah blah! Why don't you have common sense to get his info?!"

I don't know. It was a really bad experience, and I feel so stupid you guys. I couldn't stop crying until my boyfriend and I went to finally eat at another place and see a movie. I'm so glad my boyfriend was there...he was so helpful and patient with me.

Anyway, this probably serves me right for making a post last week about people slamming their car doors into other peoples' cars. Hah. I'm still really upset :( I feel like an idiot.

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