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I did something stupid yesterday

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I left my iPhone in the bathroom at school.

"How does that situation occur?" one may ask. Well, let me tell you. I was talking to Mr. Misfit as I walked into the building and then popped into the bathroom before class. I got off the phone because that's just weird, ya know? Instead of fussing with my backpack while I had to pee, I put it on top the the toilet paper dispenser and went about my business. I think you all know what happened next.


I realized it no more than three minutes later and ran back to the bathroom. Gone. Someone in my class called it for me, straight to voicemail. :sigh: I asked the woman in the office if anyone had turned it in. Nope. The other woman shouted from her office, "Don't get your hopes up, those things never turn up." The first woman even called the police station after my class to see if anyone had brought it into the lost and found (she even took down Mr. Misfit's number in case it turned up). Nope, no phones at all today. Fuck. So I went to my next class all bummed and shit. After class I decided to try the lost and found. This is the following exchange:

Me: [Eeyore voice] No one turned in a phone today, did they?
Her: What kind of phone?
Me: [head cocked to the side, suddenly intrigued] iPhone?
Her: What color?
Me: [eyes bugging out of my head] Teal?
Her: [smiling] Where did you leave it?
Woman from the inner office: We haven't even done the paperwork on that, yet.


So, why did I bother telling you all this? Because there's good in the world! The person who found it even texted Mr. Misfit to let him know where she was turning it in. And the people that work at my school are really nice.

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