So, I've posted a bit about my government job - that I have been loving - the first job I've liked in a long long time...

Well, I interviewed yesterday and they hired my other temp coworker and two other current employees...and not me. And while it is not clear if they really only had three positions... I know that I struggled with one particular aspect of the job but felt that I had caught up and was doing ok.... I still feel pretty slighted and upset about it.

Anyway, I didn't have the greatest of interviews yesterday either. I used to interview well but now, I find I really struggle with interviewing. Probably because I've been rejected so often.

On top of everything, my supervisor encouraged me to stay the last few days because it would look good and that I should definitely apply for "X" position, which a step below the one I have been working on...and typically this is where they hire from. It's just so hard to take a step down - I've already done it several times during the downturn and it is never easy on me. And finally finally I felt like I finally found my place. The money is good...but I guess we'll see what the private sector has to offer me...and I applied to the other position, which my supervisor said basically "If you apply, we've already decided you would be a really good fit and you can still apply for this other positions once you come back".

But I'm still back on the dole. FML.