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I didn't know my iPhone could do that!

Buzzfeed lets us in on some iPhone secrets.


Unbeknownst to most, you can...

  1. create a passcode with letters instead of numbers
  2. ask Siri to read your emails out loud
  3. see the timestamps on all of your texts (see gif above)
  4. ask Siri to tell you which planes are overhead
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  1. shake the iPhone to delete text
  2. turn your phone horizontally to see a more detailed view of your calendar
  3. double-tap the shift key to activate the caps lock (make sure you've enabled caps lock in keyboard settings)
  4. use your iPhone as a level to hang pictures, etc. (it's part of the built-in compass app)
  5. disable all in-app purchases with one button
  6. take a burst of photos simultaneously by holding down the photo button
  7. hold down the dash button on the keyboard to access different kinds of dashes
  8. take a photo with the volume button
  9. take a photo with your earbuds by pressing the center button (between the volume buttons)
  10. use custom vibrations
  11. charge your phone twice as quickly by putting it in airplane mode

Check out the Buzzfeed article for more details!


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