This showed up on my Facebook when my sister commented on it (first comment). If it's hard to see what's going on in the photo, there's a guy holding a camera under the cheering woman's skirt.

At first I thought it was going to be an article about how this guy got his ass kicked, or something, or how this sort of thing is a huge problem and violation, etc. But it's a photo posted by some Facebook group that posts funny photos!! And they posted it because it's hilarious! And if you say anything otherwise in the comments people call you a pussy!

I mean, I know that creepshots are a big problem, and that horrible people do this and enjoy it very much. But I didn't know that people who probably don't consider themselves horrible people can look at a photo like this and their reaction is "LOL" instead of "WHAT THE FUCK?"

I guess I'm just naive but this caught me totally by surprise and now I feel dirty.


Also people are saying she shouldn't dress like that if she didn't want shit like this to happen to her. "Not saying the guy is right, but if you're dumb enough to provide him the opportunity..."