So, I didn’t quit my job. (If you haven’t been following, I’m a first year teacher in a 1st and 2nd grade split classroom.)

After administering the beginning-of-the-year assessments, it’s pretty clear that my lessons were too difficult for my students. I only have a few who are performing at grade level in any subject. I have to adjust my lesson plans.

The behavior management in my class still worries me. It’s pretty bad. Stealing and fighting. I don’t sleep enough because I dream about it. It’s pretty humiliating because everything I’ve been taught doesn’t seem to work, but as soon as the principal walks in they snap to attention.

I will be getting a teaching aid for half-an-hour in the afternoon. Not ideal, but it will help.

I’ve also reached out to for some help from the administration.

I feel guilty because I dread going in tomorrow so much.