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I disabled my Okcupid account

I really think this is what's best for me right now. It's not necessarily about the asshole who stood me up yesterday, it's mostly about how I'm trying to bring peace* into my life and talking to strangers on a dating website is not really helping me achieve that goal. My number one priority right now is to GET A JERB and OKCupid was sucking up some of my time when I should have been job hunting instead. Another thing: I really think it's better to meet guys in real life so that I know by talking to them if I want to date them and there's none of this "oh, his profile pictures are attractive but might be really old and he says he doesn't want to have kids so this might be a short-term option but not long term and he also says he likes porn a lot and that might be a problem etc etc ETC."

*I initially typed "peach" instead of "peace", but both ways are accurate. I would like more peach in my life, because peaches in season are amazing. And peach season is coming up soon and that makes me ridiculously happy. Fresh fruit is infinitely better than online dating. INFINITELY SO.


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