Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've been working out really consistently for the last two months and trying my best to eat "better" (which basically means not just eating whatever I want whenever I want, but putting a little thought into it with emphasis on low carb, high protein). I've been weighing myself every Monday morning and as of last week, I was down five pounds from where I started. But, I had a really busy week last week with lots of food-oriented events. Today, I'm up three pounds from last week. I'm disappointed. This is soooo painfully slow, and now I've undone a month's hard work.

Edit: Seeing that number on the scale is really disheartening, but many of your lovely comments have reminded me that a) it's just a number, it doesn't represent anything about who I am as a person b) it's unlikely that I've actually gained three pounds in a week and c) I should be proud of all the progress I've made in the last two months regardless of what the scale says. Thank you guys for all the love, support and advice. It's turned my morning around. May you all have wonderful Mondays!


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