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I dislike my friend's boyfriend

My good friend wants to come visit for the first time since I moved away so yay!

However, she wants to bring her off and on boyfriend of a few years that I do not like. My other close friend and I both broke a cardinal rule during one of their breaks and confessed that we didn't like him. He is incredibly condescending and patronizing to her. He is a complete know it all and jerk that is not fun to be around. She has followed up with stories of him when we are not there that back that up as well. When they got together again, she asked us to give him another chance, always talks about how much I have in common (I don't agree), and that he really wants to hang out with the both of us. Of course I would. I'm not dating him and if he makes her happy than godspeed.


So, his band was in town recently and she insisted that he really wanted me to come. I took the train there only to find out that they went on an hour and a half earlier than he initially told her. They had already left the club and he didn't bother to tell her. When I texted her, she responded, "Oh, he is worried that you are mad." I mean, it was certainly annoying to make a pointless trip but I realize shit happens. I just felt like it was inconsiderate to ask me to come (or more likely know that your girlfriend asked me to come) and then not let me know what was up. I've let this go because it's not worth it and I more annoyed than mad anyway. I even planned to go to a party that he was having when I in town since that incident but didn't realize that the train was down (G train! *shakes fist*) so gave up.

Buuuut giving him a chance in my mind was getting a drink when I'm in town next or going to that party - not him being in my personal space for 24 hours. Of course, I'll let them come. I'm not an asshole and I do want to a give him a chance because I love her like a sister. I mean, he isn't doing anything horrible, I guess? Just kind of being an jerk? Argh, I don't know. Just:

What do you guys do with friends' partners that you are just not a fan of?

Also related: I don't have room for them in my microscopic apartment. I sleep on a twin bed(yes, it sucks)! So, I'm not sure what to do about that.


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