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I Do Not Intend Offense but...The US model of Gov't Makes No Sense

I'm paying attention to the news about the government shut down. As I understand it, the federal US gov't met a few days ago to settle on some particulars regarding the budget for the next fiscal period. Some how the health care plan (more on that later) was a part of the budget to be passed. Some how because no one could agree on that one item the Congress people shut down all of federal offices. I think that I have this right.

How, in heaven's name, in a democratic nation can a congress shut down federal services because they can't agree on something?! They have effectively taken citizens hostage in order to get their own way? And aren't your fed workers unionized? This is a f*%$# lockout! This must breach some labour law or collective agreement. Yeezus.

And how in heck can they be arguing over this half assed health care plan that benefits insurance companies more than anyone else and that States can opt out of?! It isn't like Obama suggested regulating pharmaceutical companies and drug costs. Or suggested that tax dollars be increased and each State must cover required dental, medical, and eye examinations for everyone (by the way do you all get this coverage anyway?). It isn't even an inch close to actual socialized universal health care so what the ever loving f*&^% are these people mad about?!


And when are the American's going to storm the gates of Congress with pitch forks and torches and demand those lazy so and so's get back to work?! I feel so angry for you all. I cannot beleive a gov't can do this.

*To be fair my outrage is based on the privilege of having universal health care and living under a parliamentary system. In our system we have the infamous "Prorogue" where the gov't just shuts down Parliament but does not impact any branch of the federal gov't in such a way as to prevent access to services. And the Governor General can call the Parliament back to work. And so I apologize for my bias creeping in or for any misunderstanding I may be functioning under.

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