You wanna pizza me?!

Yes, I have tried it on numerous occasions in hopes that I will somehow like it this time. Yes, I am American, I didn't know a distaste for pizza is grounds for questioning my patriotism but whatever. Yes, I do like pasta, pasta sauce, and other Italian sauce/bread/cheese related dishes. Actually, I do like deep dish, but even the most dedicated Chicagoan can agree that it's not the conventional idea of pizza, just like California Pizza Kitchen isn't the conventional idea of pizza, and I'm picky about deep dish to the point where I'll only eat from one chain restaurant.

You would think this wouldn't be a big deal, but at some point, someone will bring a pizza somewhere, and I will be that somewhere, and I will have to shake my head and tell them I will not partake, and they will ask why, and I will have to tell them, and they will always make me feel like freak for it. I am not a freak! I just don't like rubbery cheese and cardboard bread thing. It's gross and it smells. I'm sorry. But I'm not sorry. No pizza parties for me.

Are there any foods that you don't like that everyone seems to like? Join me in hatred brethren!