Normal rules of the universe do not apply there.

I will preface these questions with the fact that I'm not subject to the overflowing inbox that many people claim is a female birthright. (This is not a complaint, just a statement of fact.)

1. Do people actually pay any attention to the "selectivity" rating? When I looked at my profile from a friend's account, I found out I had that red dot that means "replies very selectively." Does this discourage people who aren't asshats from messaging me?

2. I understand that some people use the rating system as an idle browse thing - I do too. But I wouldn't rate someone highly who I wouldn't be interested in talking to. Twice now, I have rated someone highly, had them look at my profile shortly after and rate me highly, and then not respond when I message them. What's up with that?

3. Why is everyone "laid back" and "living life to the fullest?" Or they don't know how to summarize themselves in a box or whatever. It's all getting so trite. Also, if you're "looking to meet new people" or "looking for friends," why are you so selective about gender and attractiveness?

SO MANY QUESTIONS. Anyone else have gripes?