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I don't CARE

I don't care about watching most sports, I really, really don't. The only sport I don't mind watching is soccer or certain sports during the Olympics. So every time I go to my boyfriend's place and he puts on sports to watch (which is pretty much the only thing he puts on when I'm there), I want to cry out of boredom, but I just pull it together and pretend to watch. Also, he'll make all of these comments to himself while he's watching because HAH, fuck if I know what he's talking about. I never complain or anything when he puts sports on because it's a big interest of his, and I don't think that this is something that I should make a big deal out of.

I almost feel bad about myself for not caring about any sports teams or anything like that because I feel like in American culture, you're almost expected to FREAKING LOVE ALL THE SPORTS. I can't even pretend to care, though. One of my interests is to read books for leisure, which my boyfriend doesn't like to do at all, so I acknowledge and totally accept the fact that we have some different interests. But at the same time, it's not like when he comes over to visit me, I'll be reading books out loud to him. I'll consider doing something that would interest the both of us.


I just wanted to express a bit of my annoyance. I know it's not all about me, and I encourage him to watch as much sports as he wants to. I just wish that when we're hanging out and watching TV, we could watch cartoons or Food Network shows we both like.

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