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I Don't Care About My Weight Anymore and It's Weirding Me Out

Don't get me wrong — there are still things that bug me, like feeling as though I could be discriminated against in the workplace based on my size, or the fact that I have to do most of my shopping online (although even that is kind of fun because I like getting packages in the mail and ASOS pretty much always fits).

But... I don't think I care anymore. In a weird way, I feel like this will make it much easier for me to get in shape. Not beating myself up for the occasional gain means I can go at this in a more clear-headed and practical way. That said, it's a strange feeling to have hated yourself for a very long time because of the size or the shape of your body and then to just wake up and not really give a shit.


Before and after weight loss photos don't look like porn to me anymore. It's awesome that these women (and sometimes men) have achieved a goal, but that's all I look at it as now — not "Thank God they're physically acceptable!!"

Does anyone else feel this way? It's liberating, but just sort of... eerie. To have tied so much of my self-worth up in something that I now see is kind of silly and trivial.

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