My husband just left to stay at his mom's. He won't come back until I apologize.

I'm not apologizing. I don't have to. I know marriage is about compromising, but I can't deal with a partner who initiates a fight in October about the holidays and about how he's not going to see my family...for the millionth time since last year during the holidays. I'm not asking for much, I just ask that he come with me for 2 holiday functions a year and be civil. I called him a prick, which probably didn't help. I was angry because we had agreed in an earlier argument that I wasn't asking for a lot and that he was okay with it.

He has no car right now, so he called around to our mutual friends to give him a ride. Right in front of my face while he told them that I was treating him like shit. So now all of our friends know our dirty laundry.

He has texted me pretty much calling me an abuser. Maybe I am, I don't know.

I just don't understand how I can get over my past with my family, but it gives him anxiety attacks everyday that he might see them for a couple hours for the first time in a year. They've never been anything but kind to him. My parents aren't the greatest, but we've tried to build a friendship even if we won't ever have a normal parents/child relationship. I'm okay with that, I just ask that he be okay with that.


I just don't even know.