Recently my school had a lockdown. An off duty cop decided to be an idiot, and brought his handgun to show off to his GF at the undergraduate campus. Someone called the police and took a photo, the school did a full lock down for fifteen minutes to assess the situation and realized he was an idiot officer in plains clothes. I posted the lockdown status on my FB to warn my friends not to go to campus when the alert went out, and posted when the campus said it was cleared. This is DC, so someone having a handgun IS A BIG FUCKING DEAL. Three days later on that post...

"Yes, they are rare events. If they were not rare events they wouldn't made national headline news. Also (wrong spelling of my name), just because someone is running around with a gun doesn't mean they are going to use it. Like I said there are many other states where people walk around armed as a matter of course and campuses aren't race to lock shit down.

The ONLY thing that warrants a lockdown is an active shooter."

I. Can't. Comprehend. Active means a shot was fired. Active means a shot was fired. You literally want someone dead over a fucking lockdown. AOIGBEKOG 'slams head against wall'


Oh yeah. He posted this the day after the Colorado shooting. I hate when male programmers try to talk anything about policy.