I, uh, got food stuck in my gums. Whoops. Also, can we please discuss the fact that my dentist is a clown?

Like a legitimate, "went to clown school" clown. I'm sitting in the chair and looking around and I notice, for the first time EVER (as I've been seeing him for god knows how many years) pictures of him and his children dressed as clowns. So I ask "uh, are...are you a clown?" and he goes, SO matter-of-factly, "yes. Yes I am." Everyone in his family is a clown! They all went to clown school! HE'S A DENTIST CLOWN!!

Which I guess could potentially be the most terrifying person in the world to a lot of people...


But yeah, still no cavities! WOO! But I seriously need to start flossing. He told me to just use some of those floss mechanism things so I got some.

ALSO MY BLENDER CAME!!!! I am so unbelievably excited to own a blender, you guise. You have no idea.