Just curious to see what y'all's answers are, since my coworkers think I'm crazy.

The question was, if you could hire anyone to help you with ONE thing (money's not an issue), what would it be?

Most people said cleaning, nanny, grocery shopping, etc. I know how to clean. I know how to go to the store and buy things that I later eat. Psh. Easy.

I said I would have someone do my hair and make up every day. Or, have someone be my personal shopper and make me look good.

I have never worn foundation, and I don't know how to apply make up beyond eyeliner, mascara, and a single, neutral eye shadow. I've tried countless YouTube tutorials, and I still suck at it. I can barely manage the eyeliner without either stabbing myself in the eye, or drawing crooked lines on the tops of my eyelids.

I'm equally a failure at hair. I can (kinda) straighten it with a straightening iron, or pull it in a low pony tail. When I had short hair, I just put some pomade in it and made it look like it was messy on purpose.


I also suck at buying clothes that are flattering and/or fashionable. I have no sense of style beyond polo + khakis for work and t-shirt + jeans for everything else. If I HAVE to get dressed up, I have 2 nice (black) tops, and some black slacks. Or a suit. That's it.

I feel like if I had someone to help me, I could be this crazy sexy fashionista, or at least understand it a little better.

What are you answers?