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I Don't Have To Go To A Christmas Party!!

I have been absolutely dreading being forced to attend a Christmas dinner with my mom and her friends since she told me I was going without asking. But today I was able to negotiate a deal. I buy a bottle of wine for her to take to the party & I get to stay home and do whatever the fuck I want. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

ETA: Reasons I didn't want to go: It's always super awkward when I go places where it's mostly her friends. They have all known each other longer than I've been alive. They always manage to exclude me from conversations, even though they don't really mean to. I always end up sitting in a corner, alone, with my drink. This year, eff that noise. Imma watch To The Ends of the Earth and enjoy the Cumberbottom while she chats away with her lady friends.


Also, that is my new favorite gif which has nothing to do with this.

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