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I don't know if anyone's posted about this yet or not...

But I got this email from DoSomething.org regarding Ken Hoinsky's PUA guide, Above the Game:

A New Outlook, A New Book

While our petition received 61,095 signatures in two days, our goal isn’t lots of clicks or even an apology from Kickstarter. Our goal was and always is, impact. So we reached out to Above the Game author Ken Hoinsky. He agreed to a coffee.


On Saturday, our petition writer, Ben Kassoy, sat down with Ken (we kind of love the idea of two straight guys sitting down to chat about sex, sexuality, and violence).

Today, Hoinsky said in a statement that he “wholeheartedly apologizes to everyone I offended” and is committed to writing a book that promotes consent, respect, and healthy relationships.


“Ben Kassoy of DoSomething.Org, a non-profit that encourages social change, reached out to me,” he says, “...to provide alternate opinions and insights to help remove all of the potentially harmful advice.”

Hoinsky realizes he needed to “seriously evaluate every last word of my writing to make sure I wasn't encouraging sexual assault in any way, shape, or form.”


“I am proud to say that his was the first of many meetings I will be having with anti-rape and anti-abuse organizations and experts to make sure that the advice I am offering is free of any tinge of sexual assault or rape vibes,” he added. “I will be rewriting Above The Game under their guidance and insight.”

You did this. Because so many of you signed that petition and tweeted and commented all over Facebook, Kickstarter and the author listened and righted their wrongs.


Let’s not stop. Tell us what else you want to change. We'll help you make it happen...with the same commitment to transparency and impact we demonstrated here. It’s time to do something.

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